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The Six Tools of a Baseball Player

Position Players

1.  Hitting for Average- Line Drives for singles, doubles, and triples

2. Hitting for Power-  Gap and Homerun ability

3. Fielding- Range and Flow

4. Throwing- Arm strength and Accuracy

5. Running- Speed and Quickness

6. Mental Approach and Stability

Baseball Players are rated for current ability and potential on a 20-80 scale.  50 is considered the average for Major League Baseball.  For example, the "average" MLB 60 time (Home to Second Base) is 6.5 seconds.  If a player being rated has a 6.5, with room for improvement on this time, may be rated 50/60.  

50-   MLB Average

60-   Plus

70-   Plus Plus

If someone is rated as having Plus-Power, their rating is usually a 60


1. Fastball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

2. Change- Speed Differential, Movement, and Location

3. Breaking Ball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

4. Secondary Breaking Ball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

5. Fielding- Fielding the Pitcher Position

6. Mental Approach and Stability