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Six Tool Baseball

Georgia / Tennessee / Carolina / New York


Chinese Coronavirus Precautions

Due to the potential spread of the Coronavirus, sessions will be individual or in groups of two.  All Practices and Open Sessions are cancelled until at least May 1, 2020.  If you have flu-like symptoms or a fever, please let us know as meetings will be via phone or video.  


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The Six Tools of a Baseball Player

Position Players

1.  Hitting for Average- Line Drives for singles, doubles, and triples

2. Hitting for Power-  Gap and Homerun ability

3. Fielding- Range and Flow

4. Throwing- Arm strength and Accuracy

5. Running- Speed and Quickness

6. Mental Approach and Stability

Baseball Players are rated for current ability and potential on a 20-80 scale.  50 is considered the average for Major League Baseball.  For example, the "average" MLB 60 time (Home to Second Base) is 6.5 seconds.  If a player being rated has a 6.5, with room for improvement on this time, may be rated 50/60.  

50-   MLB Average

60-   Plus

70-   Plus Plus

If someone is rated as having Plus-Power, their rating is usually a 60


1. Fastball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

2. Change- Speed Differential, Movement, and Location

3. Breaking Ball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

4. Secondary Breaking Ball- Velocity, Movement, and Location

5. Fielding- Fielding the Pitcher Position

6. Mental Approach and Stability